Jacob McDonald
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“My Experience was nothing short of amazing. Seeing the difference between when I first started and now the end result is crazy, but none of that would’ve been possible without Doctor Kelly. She is very detailed and informative, and her personality is just the cherry on top. Any change with my braces she was quick to let me know what was happening, and on moments when she asked me to “trust her”, I’m so glad I did. Thank you, Doctor!”
Diane Phillips
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“Dr. Harris is a very compassionate, caring doctor. You can tell she cares when you see her, she takes her time, doesn’t make you feel rushed, and listens to any concerns that you may have. She is treating my son and makes him comfortable and knowledgeable about what is going on. You get the feeling with her that she is treating you or your children how she would treat her own family. Highly recommend.”
Austin Ryan
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“Dr. Kelly is a wonderful orthodontist and has excellent attention to detail. I had an advanced orthodontic case and treatment, but Dr. Kelly made it very easy and enjoyable. I struggled with confidence before my braces but felt much more confident after treatment. I highly recommend Dr. Nguyen for all of your orthodontic needs!”
Jacqueline Tamburin
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“I recently finished treatment with Dr. Kelly, and I couldn’t be happier with my results. She has amazing attention to detail and her bedside manner always makes you feel comfortable with the process of braces. I would definitely recommend Dr. Kelly Harris to anyone looking into orthodontic treatment.”
Lisa Szatmary
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"Dr. Kelly was very professional throughout my treatment plan. I had my braces on for a total of 25 months. Dr. Kelly not only made me feel comfortable, but she also helped me understand the process and discussed with me every visit what I may expect and what the end goal results were.  Dr. Kelly, THANK YOU! I can now smile with confidence!"
Kristina Groshev
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"Dr. Kelly Harris is a talented doctor that takes her time not only to treat patients but to educate them about their dental health. On top of being very knowledgeable, she was very polite and patient. She did an exceptional job straightening my teeth, crafting me a beautiful and confident smile. She made my orthodontic experience extremely pleasurable."
Leon Holiman
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"I like to take the time out to say thanks to Dr. Kelly for making my smile 100%.  Dr. Kelly is very polite, very friendly, very courteous, etc. She it’s definitely a top-notch Dr. In her field.  May God continue to bless her and her family in the future.  Go Dr. Kelly you ROCK!!!!!"